Wordmasters Challenge 2

Word: Contaminate (kuhn-tam-uh-neyt)

Definition: (Verb) To make impure or unsuitable by contact or mixture with something unclean or bad.
(Noun) Something that contaminates or carries.
(Adjective) Obsolete

Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb, or Adjective

Synonyms: defile, pollute, taint, infect, poison, corrupt

Antonyms: clean, cure, heal, purify, sterilize

Sample Sentences:
(1) When I get sick, I will not come near you, so I don’t contaminate you.
(2) Last year’s oil spill contaminated the Gulf of Mexico.
(3) The earth is contaminated with pollution.

Variations: Contaminated, contaminating, contaminable, contaminative, contaminator, contaminous, noncontaminable